What are the Best Part-Time Jobs in Delhi?

What are the Best Part-Time Jobs in Delhi?

Parts time jobs have become the trend among youngsters. You can find several opportunities for earning through part-time jobs in the capital of India, Delhi. These jobs can be admired by the students, unemployed, or anyone who is looking for a quick way to make money. Part-time jobs in Delhi are quite helpful as it allow job hunters to find and get into jobs that suit their time, style, schedule, and expertise.

Currently, the job market in Delhi is offering specific jobs such as Bike Ride Jobs and additionally allows people to work according to their suitable working hours. People can easily get into these part-time jobs as per their education and knowledge. They can easily work in their free time during the day or even at night.

If you are also looking for online part-time jobs in Delhi then a large number of opportunities are waiting for you.  Just go and browse DigitalLive and grab the job of your interest. The company can be trusted for its smartest solutions. Turn your hobby into a profession if bike driving is the only hobby you can earn thousands of bucks in a month and that is too by following flexible hours.

Here Are Part-Time Jobs for Those Who Are Interested In Bike Riding

There is a Job In Rapido Bike where you can work as a bike rider and earn to your satisfaction.  Or you can also apply as a delivery job online and can make money while giving hours to your hobby.

As a delivery boy, you can always find opportunities in Delhi as an interested aspirant. However, you need to fulfill certain criteria so as to get fit for the position.

Delivery Boy Job Criteria

  • Most probably companies seek persons with a minimum of 21-14 years of age.
  • You need to have a 10th standard or 12th qualification. However, if you have any technical degrees this will add up to advantages.
  • The person should be physically fit and free from any serious medical complications.
  • You should have no criminal records.
  • Should have requisite documents that include address and citizenship proof.

When it comes to Delivery Boy Job Salary it totally depends on how well you perform during the interview.

As a part-time job, you can apply for Bike Rider Jobs too.

Bike Rider Jobs Requirements

  • High school diploma degree
  • Sound knowledge of road safety regulations
  • Able to use GPS devices.
  • Should have good communications skills – a little bit of English communication is added advantage.
  • Good physical stamina and punctuality.

Above all, we have tried to mention everything clearly. So, after going through the criteria, it is your job to dive into a wonderful pool of opportunities and then find your perfect fit.