Digitalive is a job portal that provides online information about various opportunities available in different sectors or industries to job seekers. It assists both job seekers and recruiters in locating the best organization for their employees. Over 1000+ jobs across multiple industries are featured on the online portal of digitallive. You can easily find jobs like Driver, Delivery Persons, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, and more. The process to apply for the job is quick and seamless.

How can you apply for a job on Digitallive?

Digitallive makes it easier for a job seeker to find a job. The online portal of digitallive offers a smooth experience to both job seekers and recruiters. Here’s how you can apply for an opportunity on digitallive.

Follow these basic guidelines to find the top job openings:

  • 👉On your smartphone, Visit the website Digitallive.
  • 👉In just 2 minutes, you may create a profile that will function as your business card. It might also be thought of as a mini-resume.
  • 👉Choose your ideal career location.
  • 👉Begin your search for your desired job

Finding a job has never been so easy. Apply for your favorite job opening now.

Skills required for finding a good quality job on Digitallive

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to secure a good quality job :

  • 👉You should be aware of the most vital qualifications that each organization is seeking.
  • 👉You should be good at using smartphones and computers.
  • 👉You should have good communication skills.
  • 👉Being able to effectively manage your time.
  • 👉Should have customer service skills like active listening, problem-solving and reliability.
  • 👉Teamwork and interpersonal skills.
  • 👉Should have commercial awareness.

Frequently asked questions

👉 Ans.-1 “Yes” Digitallive is India's #1 Professional Platform that connects job seekers with employers. It helps job seekers to apply for jobs and talk to the corresponding HRs of the companies directly and vice-versa.
👉 Ans.-2 It is very easy to find a job on digitallive. Just log in with your id and password and click on the apply button given below for the job you are looking for.
👉 Ans.-3 The average salary of a person on digitallive is from 10,000 to 40,000.